About us

Pallinvest i Örebro AB was founded in 2001. We were then a small company who manufactured and repaired pallets. Today we have grown and the firm has twelve staff.
We drive our own lorries which makes us adjustable to the customers needs of fast deliveries. Our pallets sorting machine guarantees a high and even quality of second hand pallets. 

The high quality and quick deliveries has made it possible to strengthen our position at the pallets market. Our long experience has led to more and more satisfied customers. This is also Pallinvest i Örebro AB goal, to constantly evolve our products and haulage to make our costumers even more content. Satisfied customers is what makes Pallinvest i Örebro successful. 

Erik Malmquist, VD

Vi erbjuder

  • EUR A-pallar 1200x800x144 mm virkestjocklek 22 mm
  • EUR B-pall 1200x800x144 mm
  • C-pallar, ”engångspall” - nya, alternativt begagnade
  • 800x1200x123-132 mm
  • Halvpallar 600*800mm
  • Specialpall
  • Pallkragar
  • Längdkapat virke